About Quarterback Club

Quarterback Club was founded by FCA Multi-Area Director Mitchell Williams in cooperation with Grace Temple Church. Our mission is to mentor, encourage and support leaders of high school football teams in South Mississippi. Our hope is to provide spiritual and fraternal support to the young leaders annually. In additions, QBC hopes to be an arm of help to area head football coaches and their families during the football season.

We are committed to building character, to teaching young men that doing right will take them farther than doing well, and instilling the knowledge that better men make better football players.

Past speakers have included Florida State Legend Bobby Bowden, Austin Davis of the Cleveland Browns, Akeem Davis of the Indianapolis Colts, Swayze Waters, the 2014 CFL Special Teams Player of the Year, and former NFL players Jason Campbell, Kris Mangum, Adalius Thomas, Reggie Collier, Jeff Posey, Todd Pinkston and many more.

The Chance of a Lifetime

According to the San Diego Times, there have been over 800 arrests involving professional football players in the United States since 2004. Our newspapers and televisions are covered weekly with stories of talented, gifted men who will never achieve their potential because they did not have the strength of character to sustain what their talents could build. The Quarterback Club is founded upon the principle that it is not what happens to a person that determines his or her success: it is what happens inside a person that determines his success, his destiny.

QBC Information

Dates: April 6 - April 8, 2018


The Quarterback Club depends upon donations from local businesses and community leaders. The event is free of charge for participants.

Who can attend

The Quarterback Club is open to first and second team varsity players who have been nominated by their coaches. Our hope is to welcome young men who have tremendous influence on their teams, on and off the field. In addition, QBC would love to welcome leaders, still evolving and perhaps struggling in their journey to be an asset to their team, school and community.

What to bring

Each student needs to bring a change of clothes, some workout sweats, a pillow, sheets, a blanket, a towel, and their personal toiletries. They should not bring unnecessary electronic items. Cell phones will be allowed to be used at set times and for emergencies only. They will not be taken up, unless used during sessions or for reasons felt to disrupt flow of the FCA Retreat. The Quarterback Club is not responsible for lost or stolen personal items. Students should wear their jersey when they arrive for check-in on Friday night at Grace Temple Church.

Coaching and supervision

Boys will be supervised the entire time that they are at Quarterback Club. Volunteers from Grace Temple make sure that the boys stay out of trouble, together, and well attended to.


Meals and snacks are provided throughout the event.

Awards and contests

Grace Temple will be open with ping pong and gaming systems with versions of Madden, NCAA, Street ball, etc. There will also be a chance to compete in some NO CONTACT football competitions and various door prizes.